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Prof. Erantha De Mel is a Psychologist, holding a PhD, and a D.Sc in Psychology. As a practicing psychologist and researcher, in both psychology and parapsychology; he is engaged in extensive research in both fields and is a scholar with original research into Altered States of Consciousness and Psycho-Cybernetics.

Prof. De Mel is the founder of the psychological theories - Neural Optimisation Technique (NeuralOpTech) and Collaborative Techniques in Counselling and Therapy (CTCT).

He is a pioneer in the area of developing Computer-based Psychometric Test Instruments incorporating adaptive questioning techniques with built-in lie-scales. Currently he is engaged in research and development of hate ideology detection, criminal investigation, and personnel screening by utilization of computerized, state-of-the-art Psychophysiological detection instruments.

Currently he is functioning as the president of the Institute of Professional Psychologists (IPP), Director of the American Research Institute of Neurosciences, and the President of the Brain Technology and Neuroscience Research Centre.Continue. . .




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Main Areas: Psychology, Brain Re-Engineering, Empowerment
Best Seller: 'Optimizing the Infinite Mind'
Career Focus: Author, Speaker, Researcher

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Living in the moment:

Be mindful about the present moment. The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are able to be attentive, you will definitely see it.

Learn to say "No"

Saying "no" to yourself and saying "no" to others is an important skill to develop. You need to build up your courage and interest to master the skill in saying "no". Courage is an invaluable skill you need for yourself.

A Clear Mind for a Happy Life

Uncontrolled stress is a killer. Stress affects every system of the body, pushing it beyond the thresholds and level of sustainable function. Stress generates all types of adverse cascading effects in the body. Visit the following excerpt from my book "Optimizing the Infinite Mind" . . .


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