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Optimizing the Infinite Mind

The techniques described in “Optimizing the Infinite Mind” help one to disentangle and re-define life-situations; and to clarify feelings and thoughts to his or her own advantage. It provides new resources to move forward proactively and positively. In this book Prof. De Mel shows how to practice positive emotional states on a daily basis, and how to manifest one's expectations in life. The information that is provided is excellent and invaluable in personality development and attitudinal change.

Unlike faddish messages of the "Be all you can be" variety, Prof. De Mel explains the interaction between the conscious and the subconscious parts of the mind, and how these two influence each other. At 524 pages, this book can be described in several ways: a roadmap to the internal labyrinth that makes us what we are; a user's manual to our psyche; or a practical how-to tool kit. It is a substantial accounting of the latest science of the mind, and a welcome contribution to our ongoing quest to expand that knowledge.

In a recent review on the book Guy J Ale, President of Lifespan Seminar wrote: “At times inspiring, insightful, and profound, this is also a daring book, as it dares you to realize your life's full potential. As a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. De Mel's writing style is factual and straightforward. Along the pages, however, his heart also comes out. This is a necessary book written by a generous professional. The reader who follows its spirit closely will emerge at the end of it also a better person.”



The Ten SecretsThe Ten Secrets

People read all sorts of books written on the Law of Attraction or participate in Law of Attraction workshops and often complain: - "I did everything that was in the book, engaged in positive thinking, visualization, etc., but I always got what I didn't want and worse." - "May be it only works for lucky people" - "I do not concentrate on what I don't want; but I always get it!" (i.e. what I don't want in life!) - "The Law of Attraction is just a scam that uses positive thinking to siphon out money from us".

Such complaints about the Law of Attraction are very common these days. Though we try to manifest our intentions through the Law of Attraction, we don't know the secrets behind why it doesn't work for us in certain life situations. This new book by Prof. Erantha de Mel explains why the Law of Attraction does not work for us in certain instances. The Ten Secrets of why we don't get what we want in life is what is there behind the Secret!

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