Mind-Expand™ Seminars by Prof. Erantha De Mel
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Transform your Human Resourse into a Competitive Business Asset!

Prof. Erantha De Mel provides innovative, responsive, and accessible professional development programs that support the organisational mission, and increase employee effectiveness. Tailor-made programs are available to suit all levels - from entry level to the top management!

With all his programs he pays particular attention to the psychological aspect of effective learning. In addition to providing specific individual skills, he offers programs on Organisational Attitudes and Behaviour, Stress and Well-Being at work, Work Motivation, and Leadership to name a few.

Throughout the history of the scientific study of work, researchers have tended to use a paradigm or approach that is guided by "rationality". Thus, the experience of work is often portrayed through reasoned, analytic concepts, as witnessed by task statements, job specifications, goal objectives, and the like. Howerver, as anyone who has ever worked in an organisation can attest, "emotions are an integral and inseparable part of everyday organisational life".

It is the feeling and expression of emotions that make us human. In other words emotions influence work-related behaviours. All his training programs and workshops are designed and conducted with this concept in mind.


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Workshops for Corporate Executives:

The titles of workshops listed below are standard workshops.
Additional workshops are available upon request.
Workshop content may be combined or modularized
at the client's request.

  • Leadership Education and Development (LEAD)
  • Leadership at the Organizational Level
  • Team Management Training
  • Business Ethics
  • Mastering Change
  • Managing Time
  • Motivation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Attitudinal Change
  • Supervisory Roles in Coaching and Counselling
  • Using psychometric assessment in Organizations
  • Enhanced Interpersonal Communications
  • Essential Skills for Team Success
  • The Learning Organization
  • Creativity in Business
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • How To Be a Great Communicator
  • The Role of the Leader in Mentoring
  • Strategic Planning and Team Building for Mission Accomplishment

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